Welcome to the Scott Valley Berean Church

And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to check up on Paul and Silas, to see if they were really teaching the truth.
ACTS 17:11

The Scott Valley Berean Church, affliated with the Berean Fellowship of Churches, is located in the town of Etna, California towards the southern end of beautiful Scott Valley. Here, nestled next to the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, we serve a risen Savior, Jesus Christ, and minister to the people in our communities and beyond.

Scott Valley is a healing place. Isaiah 35, Isaiah 53

Ugandan artist at SVBC

mulondo-patrick-1400098640-medium Join us in welcoming MULONDO PATRICK this Sunday May 24th at our Morning Worship service (10 am).

Ugandan artist Mulondo Patrick attends the Makerere University where he majors in sculpture modeling, carving and jewelry making. Born in 1969, the 4th of six children. His father died of AID’s when Patrick was 4 years old. His ‘Mum” was illiterate so she did many manual jobs to feed her children. She too struggled as she also was infected with AID’s. At the age of 7 Patrick went to work to help support the family. His Mum passed away 5/25/2005 leaving Patrick with” a legacy of love in my heart and I have seen it flowing in my life which even people I have never known come to give me a hand to go on in life”.
For a time Patrick lived on the streets, a 74 year old friend of his Mum saw him and took him into her home. Patrick worked to pay for school. He would earn $2 – 3 a day, then get a school pass for 3 days. If he didn’t have more money he would not be allowed in school. A friend he met in school invited Patrick to church. It was here he came to know Jesus. While at this church he met missionary Kathy Vaughan, President of Redeemer House Orphanage in Uganda. In 2009 she assisted him with funds to compete high school.
Patrick passed with high grades but it was a struggle. “I remember spending the entire day working hard and spending the entire night reading what I
missed from school. It would be hard and for most cases I would doze while reading. Then I resorted to putting my feet in very cold water and that kept me awake”.

God continued to bring people into Patrick’s life. Ron and Renee Campbell from the Grenada Berean Church came along side Patrick and Beverly Morgan of Yreka has sold Patrick’s art in her salon. “God has done a lot in my life. At times I fail to know how I can pay him back”. Patrick loves playing with kids and ministering to them. In 2010 he started a project that provides mosquito netting to kids in the jungle. By selling his crafts in the U.S., he is able to fund this project. He is also involved at the Redeemer House (orphanage).
“When I lost my parents I lived on the streets and I would collect metals to sell. Today I incorporate that background with my art. I get street children to bring metals to me and I pay them twice what they would get if they sold them downtown. I use these metals to make the sculptures, they provide a quarter of what I need”.

In 2014 Patrick had successful solo exhibitions at the American Embassy in Kampala Uganda and also in Kenya. He is the only Ugandan artist chosen to be in the Kenya Artist Diary for 2015. His art is currently being shown at the Art Gallery in Fort Jones.