“Praying & Waiting”

This Sunday we will be in Luke 18:1-17.  In this account from the life of Christ Luke describes two parables and an account of children encountering Jesus.  In the first parable we read about a widow who is receiving unjust treatment.  She pleads repeatedly with a judge who isn’t interested in helping her.  The judge describes himself with these words, “I don’t fear God or care what people think”.  He doesn’t care about the widow’s plight but eventually gives in due to her persistence.  The parable is applied to Christians who need to continue to pray in the face of difficulties.  The second parable describes two approaches to God.  The Pharisee comes to God confident of his own righteousness.  The tax collector comes to God asking for mercy. The last account reminds us of child-like faith which can be lost as our years in the faith progress.  In verse 8 Jesus reminds us of his second coming.  “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”  I find this to be a haunting question for myself and the church at large.  Jesus, I believe, is raising the possibility that some will stop praying in the face of difficulty and drift from Biblical faith.  In the turbulent times we live in we see this happening.  The pull of the world draws people away from their devotion to Christ.  I read statistics of church attendance dwindling in some areas.  This section of Scripture has application for our world today.

On Sunday we will have a church potluck after church.  Be sure to bring a covered dish or a Crock pot full of something tasty. After the potluck there will be a Rockside graduation if you can stay.  Come out and support our Rockside guys!

AND, if you are able to help with some aspect of the Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner check the sign-up sheet on Sunday.

God Bless You

Pastor Drew

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