“A. I.” And the End Times

In the Gospel of Luke this week we will study Luke 17:20-37. This section of the Bible deals with issues surrounding prophecy and the “End Times”.  It seems to me that Jesus addresses four topics:  the Kingdom of God, The Son of Man (Jesus) Here we find a contrast between the first and second coming of Jesus,  evil in the days of Noah and Lot is comparable to the “end times” and lastly, the passage ends with a sense of urgency regarding the rapture of the church.  This is an exciting passage of Scripture that has a great deal of application to our present day.  Prophecy Watchers is a program I catch from time to time on our television.  I recently heard J.B. Hixson on a recent segment.  He has done a great deal of research on how Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will be harnessed by evil in the “last days”.  He used the term “technocracy” for how technology is being used to censor and control and spy on mass portions of the population.  There are AI robots that are being utilized to store and analyze data to track people’s spending, buying habits, political affiliations and religious beliefs.  Facebook and Instagram have been on the hot-seat in recent months for censoring speech and the flow of information.  Ethical questions are being raised regarding AI robots and how much power or control they could have in years to come. It sounds like a weird science fiction movie but it is getting more real every day.  Hixson shared a story from an AI conference where AI robots were asked questions.  One question was posed to the AI robot.  “What is the scariest scenario that you could imagine in the future regarding AI technology?”  The AI robot had a perturbed and frustrated look on its face and then responded.  “I guess from your perspective it would be if A.I. took over the world”.  In the last few years A.I. experts and researchers always gave two warnings about A.I. robots.  Never give them access to the internet and never allow AI robots to write code.  I am not a computer expert so I don’t know what the implications of those two issues are.  But according to Hixson both of those warnings have been violated recently.  In China financial transactions of the population are monitored.  If you are in violation of certain tenets of the Chinese government these transactions can be prohibited at any time.  This all speaks of the control that “one world government” desires in Revelation. According to Hixson there are people on the internet who claim to be Jesus.  If you type in your search engine, “I want to talk to Jesus” you can get a response from an AI robot.  Apparently, according to Hixson, there is a good chance the information you get back won’t correspond to Scriptural truth.  Interesting, yes. Disturbing, yes.  We know what happens at the back of the Book so this is a time for hope not despair. See you Sunday.

This is a time to have discernment and know what our Bible’s say about the end times.

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God Bless You

Pastor Drew

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